From Dream to Determination: ABP Office Make-Over, A Personal Post

After years of editing on laptops while sitting on couches, it was time to make a change! I've always dreamed of having a home office & when I moved into my apartment back in August, I was ready to make that dream come true. So there I was, searching for desks & it astonished me at how little furniture is made from real wood anymore and if it was, it was over $1,000.00! But, I NEEDED something durable, something natural.

Luckily, one of my friends & her fiance (whom just so happen to be a 2016 ABP bride & groom) offered to make me a deal I simply couldn't resist! After a couple months of designing and construction, Lyle & Ashleigh were able to deliver the desk of my dreams in February - and it is perfect! It's natural, it's durable, it's industrial & it's stylish and most of's real wood & handmade! But I couldn't stop there.....and that's where Sampley & Sons comes into the picture. 

I haven't met Andrew Sampley (the owner/artist of Sampley & Sons) in person yet but, somehow our paths crossed through Instagram and he's been nothing short of amazing. As most of you know, I recently rebranded from A.B.E. Photography to Anna Bowser Photography and I can honestly say it will be hard to look back. With this rebrand, I chose to associate myself with the mountain symbol. Living in the Blue Ridge Mountains is such a blessing and this symbol defines not only my style but my personality. Andrew, tangibly captured this for me. My office would not be the same without my handmade mountainous masterpiece (whew that's a tongue twister).

Through the entire decorating process of my new home office, I cannot say thank you enough! To Lyle & Ashleigh for making a desk beyond my dreams, to Leigh Ann for designing my fabulous Anna Bowser Photography logo, to Andrew for turning this logo into something tangible, to two of my favorite photographers (Patricia Giovannini & Tom Hikaru Lim) for pushing me beyond limits * to buy an iMac for over a year, to The Creative @ Heart Conference for choosing me as the lucky winner of two matching hand-painted canvases as a giveaway AND to all my friends, family and clients who have supported me through the years. 

Whether I stay in the mountains or travel to the sea, my style will always remain both    nautical & natural.


Handmade Desk: Lyle Kritzberger & Ashleigh Marshall

Custom Mountain Sign: Sampley & Sons

Anna Bowser Photography Logo: Leigh Ann Bush

Frames: A.C. Moore

Free Printables: Pinterest

Chair, Coral Pillow & Curtains: Tuesday Morning

27" iMac: Apple

Business Cards:

Hand-painted Creative Canvas: Abigail & Whimsy

Steel Cross: Gift from Dan & Mary Bowser

Starfish: Jamaica

Coral: St. John's USVI

Handmade Wooden Trunk: Mountain Magic Festival 2014, Buchanan VA

Whale Tail: T.J. Maxx

Basket: Michael's

Office Supplies/Binders: Staples

Gold Sticks: From the woods in my apartment complex & spray painted

Pail & Blanket: Goodwill & Target