Jonathan & Stacey: A Braeloch Wedding | Roanoke Virginia Wedding Photographer

It was my first wedding of the 2016 wedding season here in Roanoke, Virginia & a gorgeous day was ahead of us. Braeloch was absolutely stunning with it's own beauty and decorated with oriental details from ceiling to floor, main dishes to desserts and let's talk about those mountains! Yes, those gorgeous Blue Ridge mountains were picture worthy for sure!

When I showed up, friends and family were on site making dinner & having a grand old time decorating. I had never seen so much thought & process in person of what it takes for an entire wedding day since I normally don't show up until later. Seeing all the effort being put into the smallest of details really made me think though, it's the small things that count. 

I met Jonathan & Stacey at a coffee shop a while ago to go over the details of their wedding & what seemed like a normal wedding in my head, clearly was the complete opposite. Jonathan & Stacey were meant to be. Their parents, their friends and most importantly, their emotions knew it. The way Stacey looks at Jonathan, the way Jonathan can make Stacey laugh, it was all genuine....(strike that), it IS genuine! I had so much fun getting to know them & their families & while the sunset pictures were glowing & the dancing pictures are epic, nothing compares to the true joy you see in their smiles.

Congratulations Jonathan & Stacey!