Eric & Ashley: A Mountaintop Engagement | Roanoke, Virginia Engagement Photographer

Weather can be so unpredictable. On our drive to Eric & Ashley's engagement shoot, the weather was party cloudy with the sun playing peek-a-boo with us in Roanoke. However, getting into New Castle was a different story. The skies were near black & you could see the rain & HAIL coming. Yes, you read that correctly, HAIL! But, Eric & Ashley were fearless and determined and their determination paid off big time!

We drove through mud, we hiked through HAIL on the trail and we photographed in some pretty windy conditions but, those Blue Ridge mountains are worth it. Every cold chill, every pothole, every slick step you take & every mark you get on your white linen pants (sorry Eric) - the view never ceases to amaze. I will admit, it's a euphoric experience walking through woods where you have 30 yards of visibility to breaking through the leaves to find this almost 360 view of just glorious Virginia mountains. 

Eric & Ashley had the idea to press on through the weather and while my second shooter and I were a bit skeptical, these images prove that love is patient & love is kind. Ashley's hair was everywhere for the majority of the images - but that wind blown look was perfect! And again, we will point out Eric's white pants - he was super brave for wearing those things and pulled them off fantastically! The colors, the sunset, the couple.....

This is why they say "Virginia is for Lovers".