Alex & Courtney: A Winter Engagement | Buchanan, Virginia | Virginia Engagement Photographer

"AMAZING NEWS! We switched some things around and we are keeping the Saturday, August 5th date! If you are still available I would LOVE for you to do my wedding and engagement photos!"....the text I had secretly been waiting to receive. Rewind to when I first met Courtney & her family. Courtney knew I was the photographer for her wedding and there was no doubt about it. When we first met, she expressed this to me over and over and I thought to myself, "this girl rocks"! A bride that is so passionate about my work that she would literally do anything to have me as her photographer. However, after some slight inconveniences, Alex & Courtney unfortunately had to change their wedding to a date I was no longer available for, but, that didn't stop them. Courtney, Alex, and their family, being the gracious family they are, made a way for us still have their wedding on August 5th and I would be there to capture it all. 

Fast forward their engagement session, the winter season had just begun. The leaves had fallen, the ground was starting to freeze and the weather is best described for when your nose turns red from the cold. With Courtney being from Alabama & Alex having grown up in New Jersey, they have a unique twist of North vs. South in their relationship, and Courtney wanted to convey that aspect. She envisioned a city-style with a little bit of rustic touches, and Buchanan, Virginia was the first thing that came to mind. With the Christmas decor, the pop of the red bricks, and the colorful hues of the Blue Ridge Mountains crawling down Purgatory Mountain, Alex & Courtney's engagement session gorgeous. 

Congratulations Courtney & Alex on your engagement. I am eagerly excited for your summer wedding at Hotel Roanoke next year and I can't wait to show you the rest of your images soon!