Chelsea & Chris: An Industrial Engagement (Roanoke, Virginia)


Love is early mornings & late night conversations. Love is when thick flirtation lasts forever. Love is knowing distance has no effect. Love isn't perfect.

Having worked together but not really paying attention to each other, on her last day at work Chelsea was having some trouble reaching something. Here's where we insert Chris. After helping her, the two became quite fond of each other & hit it off pretty well. But as I mentioned, it was her last day at work so the odds of seeing each other was unlikely. So...Chris looked her up on Myspace (that's right, MYSPACE)! Due to college & the military, they didn't see each other for another year and only chatted a couple of times here & there. Distance didn't stop them though - nor should it have. Fast forward to 2015. After knowing each other for a couple of years thanks to technology, these two experienced a love like no other.Their relationship had now existed across Virginia, Missouri, Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Afghanistan & Jamaica. 

I've known Chelsea since middle school & have heard so much about Chris over the past year or so. To FINALLY see her in front of my lens, happier than words can describe, is truly amazing. Due to the harsh/yucky winter we've experienced here in Virginia, we've had to reschedule their engagement session several times but this day was the perfect day. They both started the session by rocking their military attire, as Chris is in the Army & Chelsea just recently joined the Navy. After shooting a little bit in some comfy clothes, Chelsea pulled out this AWESOME dress & shoes and she literally FROZE! This couple....I tell you! Not only were we out in 30 degree weather but this girl was dancing in the snow IN HEELS! In an industrial park! 

Roanoke, Virginia - you are epic but Chris & Chelsea make you look 10x better!

IMG_7124 - Copy.jpg