Daniel & Megan: An Explore Park Engagement | The Explore Park | Virginia Engagement Photographer

Couples that are in love are the best couples to photograph, am I right?

From the first time I heard from Megan, I knew she had a gorgeous smile. To preface, I had no idea what she looked like but I will admit, I tried finding her on Facebook to no avail. So, upon our engagement session, I had no idea what her or her fiance Daniel looked like. Looking back, I'm so glad I was unsuccessful in finding her on the "interwebs", as it was so refreshing to meet her & Daniel in person.

I say refreshing because they kept me on my toes (literally, I'm 5'3"). Yes, I've photographed at the Explore Park before but, capturing it in different light & angles was exactly what I needed in this season of my journey as a small business owner. Along with that, it was as if they had done this whole "gaze at each other like it's normal but really, it's not" kind of thing before. Needless to say, they were naturals! And that ring, oh that ring! Her diamond...it's been passed down in her family for generations! Holy clarity, cut, color, setting & size!

From their sincere laughter (Daniel likes to stick his tongue out) to snuggling most of the session thanks to the sharp winds, they couldn't have shown their love for each other any stronger. Daniel & Megan were eager to keep going, try new things and maybe hide in a tunnel... Their winter engagement in the Blue Ridge Mountains was better than I could have imagined and I cannot wait to see what their summer wedding at Sundara is going to look like! Here's to a great start of 2017!