David & Hannah: A Grandin Engagement | Downtown Grandin | Roanoke Virginia Engagement Photographer

"If I know what love is, it's because of you" -- Hermann Hesse

David & Hannah. Whoa.... Hannah heard about me through a friend of hers who's wedding I'm also photographing this year. I don't know how long it took her to get in touch with me since hearing about me BUT I'm so glad we got connected. We met for coffee one afternoon and I felt as if she was literally painting a picture of her relationship before me. I had not met David yet but I could tell, there was just something about him that made her so over the moon for him. Then, the day came to meet David and the odds were against us.

Storms. High winds. Great.

Throughout the day, we were texting back and forth and finally decided that rain or shine, we were going to push through. The results are in & holy cow am I glad we pushed through! We started off in downtown Grandin and of course, the weather welcomed us. Rain, winds & sun, all at the same time! I had also learned within the first few pictures that David is a shy guy...... As any one of my friends or family members knows though, I will break that. Though David needed a little coaching at the beginning, by the end of our session you can see him working it. I mean, WORKING IT! He knew what to do, to peck & hold and was even sweeping hair out of Hannah's face (insert shocked & crying face here). Did I mention they brought along their sweet pup as well? It just kept getting better & better; so great that I couldn't stop. One thing led to another and we were chasing the sunset!

Hannah & David, it was such a privilege to photograph your engagement. Noticing what makes you two laugh & focus opened my eyes to a greater love. One that is unspoken but known. Your engagement session was a treat but your wedding is only going to be so much better! I can't wait until December!