Jonathan & Micaela: A Fall Engagement | Carvins Cove | Roanoke Virginia Engagement Photographer

With every season in photography, there are pros & cons. The cons to photographing in the fall season in Virginia are the amounts of editing I'm drowning in and the lack of time to stay afloat. However, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. The pros to photographing in the fall season are exponentially better. With the changing foliage of red, oranges, yellows & greens, the glow of the sun skating across everything, meeting new clients for their upcoming weddings and the endless amount of snuggles - fall is the best season to photograph in.

When Jon & Micaela first told me about their relationship, we were crowded in a coffee shop surrounded by noise. I got to know them pretty well during our coffee date and amidst the chaos, I saw their personalities bloom. A couple months had passed & we were gearing up for their engagement session when everything just seemed to fall in place. The sun was bright but it provided just enough power to bounce off the water & create a glow that I often don't get to photograph much. The colors & the weather were a constant reminder that fall is truly the best season in Virginia. 

Jon & Micaela started on one side of the cove at Carvins Cove in Roanoke, Virgina but quickly took me to another side, one that I've not visited before. The colors and their laughter are a true testament that if you throw this couple into the weeds, they are still going to have a good time. Jon recently moved to Michigan for a job & while Micaela remains in Virginia for now, you can clearly tell the distance is not effecting their engagement one bit. As a side note, I have to give complete credit to Jon for providing jokes and bringing out Micaela's true smile and for keeping me on my toes through the entire shoot (literally & figuratively - I'm shorty & he's witty). As a photographer, I crave for sessions like the one I had with Jon & Micaela. They are a great couple all around & even though their fall engagement was beyond incredible, their wedding next year cannot come soon enough! Congratulations J & M!

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