Kyle & Rachel: A Carvin's Cove Engagement | Carvins Cove Reservoir | Roanoke Virginia Engagement Photographer

Engagement: A formal agreement to get married.

This is the definition of the term "engagement" found on Google. It sounds so cold? This term is more than a word, its a feeling, an action and more importantly a choice.

When I first heard from Rachel, I could feel that her dream came true. She was sweet, polite and ecstatic. Her emotions were so strong through her text messages, they were contagious. She described to me how her & her fiance Kyle had met, how they had instantly connected, how he asked her to marry him & how excited she was to be his wife. In so much detail and pictures attached to her text messages, it felt as if I were there watching their moment. From then on, we've constantly stayed connected and have even met in person several times. 

The day of their Carvin's Cove engagement session was finally upon us and what a gorgeous day it was. The sun was blasting so bright off the top of the water that every color in their outfits and every shadow through Carvins Cove Reservoir popped. On top of all the color & sunshine, the wind decided it wanted to be our new best friend! I couldn't have asked for a better couple than Kyle & Rachel though. Every second, smiles were on their faces. You could see their love and their joy in just being together. Normally, I'm spilling out corny jokes to make my couples laugh but these two, they were naturals. As the sun began to set and the pink & blue hues started to take over, the session drew to a close. Through it all, you could tell the steps towards their future together wasn't just an agreement.

Kyle & Rachel chose each other.