Logan: A Woodsy Bridal Session | Hollins University | Roanoke Virginia Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photographer, one of the things I enjoy photographing most is the glowing expression a bride feels as she puts on her wedding dress. She relives the emotions & reasons as to why she said "yes to the dress" and no other dress would measure up when it came time to walk down the aisle. Some brides only get to wear their dress once on their wedding day but some, like Logan, choose to have bridal portraits done before the wedding to commemorate the occasion & let that "yes" feeling linger a little while longer. 

Logan, her sister, her mother & myself decided a spring day would feature her dress best. After driving up & seeing Logan though, I was completely wrong. Her dress was absolutely stunning & her smile matched. She was a blushing bride-to-be and in that moment, I knew her future husband was going to be a crier when he sees her for the first time.

The sun was shining brightly through the leaves of tress, with the wind caught her veil every now to show a bit of volume and then just couldn't get me more excited for her wedding day! She was stunning from every twist & angle. Accented in lace & tulle, her shoulder sleeved wedding gown she found at The Brides House was made for her. I don't know how many dresses she tried on but this, this was the dress for Logan. Her & her sweetheart of 8+ years tied the knot this past Saturday and I'm finally able to show off some of her spring bridal portraits to everyone!