Matt & Megan: A Virginia Tech Engagement Session | Blacksburg, Virginia | Virginia Wedding Photographer

Construction,  a chipmunk & borrowing lights from a wedding I photographed the night before.... those were some of the memories we made during Matt & Megan's morning engagement session at Virginia Tech. 

I previously had the privilege of photographing Megan for her senior pictures back in 2013, as we went to high school & church together. I never could have imagined where both of us would be at this point in our lives until now, as I finally get to call her one of my ABP brides! Through Facebook, I knew she & Matt had gotten serious but I had never met him until we met up to survey their mountainous wedding site. To see Matt react to her vision, I knew their connection was genuine & real. A love that went deeper than attraction, a true lifelong commitment. 

We decided to photograph their engagement at Virginia Tech and specific spots all around campus, as this is where they met and each place symbolized a chapter in their relationship. However, we thought that with the semester being over, we would be in for luck. We unfortunately were unable to photograph at their first location though, due to construction. So we meandered over to the Ag Quad and boy was it gorgeous.....turns out we weren't the only one who thought that! Thankfully, our little chipmunk friend decided to watch from a small distance and  provide a couple laughs. From there, we walked all over campus to end our session at the Hahn Horticulture Gardens, where I just so happened to have a wedding the night before. Lights from the wedding were still hanging and having known the couple & their family (who were cleaning up - shoutout to the Batchelor & Benincasa families for letting us snag a couple pics), I decided to turn on the lights one last time to add a little more dimension to the garden! With only giggles and kisses, Matt & Megan made it through their session with ease and I can only imagine what is in store for their wedding this September. Keep a look out y'all, their wedding is going to be a good one!


A Virginia Tech Engagement