Scott & Kristen: A Mill Mountain Engagement | Roanoke Star | Virginia Engagement Photographer

Boy oh boy, I honestly don't know where to begin. Scott & Kristen kept me on my toes throughout their entire session (both figuratively & literally).

Kristen & Scott traveled to Roanoke, Virginia to meet me in the last couple of months and after getting to know their story of how they met, I knew they had a different kind of connection. They gave me the long story but to give you the short story, they noticed each other through an event at Awesome Con in Washington D.C. but actually met each other in the metro. From there, they have been cracking jocks and making each other laugh as hard as possible. 

When it came time for their Mill Mountain Star engagement session, we couldn't ask for better weather. Clear skies & one happy couple. From dancing sweetly to sword fighting with sticks, all I had to do was keep up with their enthusiasm. Oh, and her ring.....the stone was passed down from her grandmother before they were even engaged and Scott put it into a new setting. A stone that is passed down for generations must be well loved; therefore, there's no other woman that deserves it more then. Thank you so much Scott & Kristen for making me laugh & spicing up our session. You guys make the Roanoke Star look good!

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