Taylor & Keely: A Southern Wedding | Braeloch at Glenburn Farms | Roanoke Virginia Wedding Photographer

Warning.. This blog contains a lot of images, a lot of details & a lot of love. 

Taylor & Keely Baird

Taylor & Keely first met at Radford College where they hung out near each other in groups, joined the same frat/sorority family and later learned they had a connection much greater than friendship. Through the years, these two grown not only together on the outside but, on the inside as well. They incorporated this growth together through the many details surrounding their wedding venue. From handmade shotgun shell boutonnieres to their "memory lane" centerpieces, each detail told a bit of their story. Their love is patient, their love is kind, their love has endured a lot of things.

With Keely's father having passed unexpectedly four years ago, it was on my heart to incorporate him in spirit as much as possible through her entire day. Although he wasn't able to walk her down the aisle in person, she wore a bracelet with his handwriting as a simple reminder, he was still present. Along with her bracelet, Keely's truck (previously her father's) was also there and it only made sense we take a couple pictures with it. Fortunately, Taylor was able to meet Keely's father before he passed so when I say their love has endured, it has endured. Their celebration though was one of the best parties I've ever seen. With a view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, surrounded by babies breath & roses, their southern wedding day was definitely something to cherish. Congratulations Taylor, Keely & your families!

Someone locked Keely's keys in the truck so rather than telling Keely, they called someone to break in! Come to find out, there was a hide-a-key under the wheel well. Funny then, funny now!