Brandon & Danielle: A Sunrise Beach Wedding Session | Delray Beach | West Palm Florida Wedding Photographer

It's #flashbackfriday & I cannot get over Brandon & Danielle's sunrise beach wedding session I was blessed to photograph back in April when I traveled to Florida!

With each day that comes, my bucket list grows and when the itch came to travel again, West Palm Beach was the destination of choice! As most of you know though, this girl can't travel without her camera and thankfully, Danielle & Brandon were looking to get some pics taken. Danielle & I first starting messaging about a week or two before I traveled down and we were set for our session. With most traveling situations though, plans always seem to change & you just have to roll with the punches. Fortunately, these two & their patience prevailed and we were still able to meet up and boy am I glad we were!

Having known each other since high school, these two love birds unfortunately had to go through life apart for some time before reconnecting years later. True love is meant to be though & when you experience this feeling, nothing can hold you back. Danielle picked up her & her daughter's lives to move to Florida, where they could finally start their journey together. However, when their plans for a beach wedding got stormed out, they had to go with plan B and get married inside. Luckily for me, with Danielle also being a photographer, she had a vision and trusted me to capture those memories they weren't able to make on their actual wedding day! We decided to meet at Delray Beach at sunrise, in hopes we would catch that rising glow. Mother nature had other plans though... not only did she provide the best glow for our session but her veil danced in the wind ever so perfectly. By the end of the session, I had convinced them to get in the water & I'm so glad they trusted me! I fell in love with the layers of these crystal blue waters like I do the ridges of the Blue Ridge Mountains. 


Josh & Cynthia: A Sunrise Proposal | McAfee's Knob | Catawba Virginia

Warning: This is a public service announcement that every man should hire a photographer to sneak around & photograph their proposal. These images are glorious but, the experience of watching two individuals commit to each other in front of the sunrise of the Blue Ridge Mountains was priceless.

Before Josh contacted me, he had a plan. The ring was purchased, the idea of a sunrise hike was set & all he needed was a photographer to capture it. Thankfully, a fellow photographer friend of his sent him my way and we were ready to rock & roll. As the date kept creeping up on us, Josh was adamant, Saturday, September 24th was the day he would propose. Cynthia, was just along for the gorgeous sunrise hike. I showed up about an hour earlier than Josh & Cynthia to start the hike, in hopes I would beat them to the top......and, well, they beat me. All the way up to McAfee's Knob, they hiked up under the stars & arrived to the top to see the entire sunrise. From complete darkness, to total sunshine, this is how their engagement unfolded. 

While Josh & Cynthia were enjoying their last moments being boyfriend & girlfriend, watching as the view multiplied from 1 mountain ridge to 10 mountain ridges as the sun rose, I took my position and waited. Josh turned around a couple of times to talk to me & figure things out but...yea, that didn't work. We tried so hard to be sneaky but we just couldn't do it. Finally, Josh was ready. The rest - is pure smiles! Josh even went as far as getting Virginia Tech jersey's made with their future last name on them and embroidered the sleeve with their beloved pup's initials who recently had passed. They are both Virginia Tech fans & Tech alumni so naturally, with it being game day, what else would you choose to wear? It was simply perfect!

It was a true pleasure meeting Josh & Cynthia and I'm so thankful that not only did I get to capture their proposal but also, get to know them on the hike back down. I cannot wait to see what adventures are to come in their journey together. As a disclaimer: please do not hike alone in the dark. Hike in groups with the appropriate equipment & resources. After all, two are better than one!

She has no idea what's about to happen!

Jesse & Krista: A Backyard Wedding | Greenock Manor | Orange, Virginia

Well it's a great story really...Jesse & Krista.

When they met, it was a coincidence through Craigslist. When Jesse asked Krista to marry him, it was printed on a onesie displayed on the best model ever. When they chose forever together through marriage, it was in a stranger's apartment. But - they chose forever and their forever was celebrated here. Jesse, Krista & I never met before I traveled to photograph their wedding but as soon as I showed up, there was an instant connection. I knew, this couple was going to have the best day ever & I was so lucky to be a part of it! 

Nestled in the outskirts of Charlottesville, Virginia, Jesse & Krista chose to get married at Greenock Manor. It was breathtaking, all the DIY touches they put on the estate showcased their specific interests & style. From the dessert bar to the hand-strung lights above their outdoor ceremony & reception site, each detail spoke volumes. Might I also mention their favorite detail of all, their daughter Emilia. She's sassy, adorable & one sneaky little girl but she was precious & it shows. While Jesse & Krista had gotten married before their family & friend celebration, it would seem as if the two were seeing each other as husband & wife for the first time all over again. 

Jesse & his men wore navy blue suits with burgundy ties to match the ladies burgundy dresses and Krista was escorted down the aisle to her husband in a skinny strap lace gown with a floral crown. Surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Greenock Manor and accompanied by their friends and family from all over the world (yes, they had family travel from Thailand), they professed their love all over again for each other. The speeches were great, the weather was clear & they mingled the night away under the stars. It was truly a blessing getting to know Jesse, Krista & Emilia and I hope that we will see each other again. Congratulations Junvisetsaks!

Photography: Anna Bowser Photography

Venue: Greenock Manor

Wedding Planners: Lauren Purcell & Karla Crisp with Swoon Soiree Weddings & Events

Hair: Samantha Coullier

Makeup: Cameron Carson with Cameron Carson LLC

Pastor: Robert Silvia

Catering: Ashly Kaye's Catering

Florals: Lacy's Florist

Rentals: Gibson's Rental

DJ: Richard Tunmatip

Ashley: A Mountaintop Bridal Session | Roanoke Virginia Wedding Photographer

It's finally here! The moment we've been waiting for, Ashley's epic bridal session is now officially available for viewing because.......SHE GOT MARRIED!

Back in June, we had the best idea to have a couple sessions together & make a girls night of it. Needless to say, after photographing a little at Triple J Farms in Catawba, Virginia & then making our way up the mountain in a wedding dress, we had a blast! This all goes back to Ashley seeing my mountainous shoot back in the fall take flight & she knew, she wanted to be the next Blue Ridge bride. BUT, we put a little spin on it & stopped at a new wedding venue to give a little variety in our sessions. Ashley is an outstanding woman with an adventurous heart & after hearing her story of how she met her, now husband Chris, I knew their wedding day was going to be nothing short of a party. 

You are & were a stunning bride and I cannot wait to show off pictures from your wedding soon!


Photography: Anna Bowser Photography

Dress Designer: Franssical

Dress Shop: Celebration Bridal

First Venue: Triple J Farms