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Anna Bowser is an unthinkable wedding & elopement photographer based in Virginia. Currently she specializes in mountainous elopements, water sessions and destination weddings.
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the investment


Local Wedding Collections begin at $3,000.00
Elopement & Destination Collections vary. Contact us for more info!
Portrait Collections begin at $250.00




What is your ideal couple?

I believe in working with couples that appreciate my style, vision & creativity and truly prioritize photography for their special occasions.


Describe your style?

Bold, magnetic and creatively unthinkable. I'm not saying you have to hike a mountain in your wedding dress (although it's proven to be pretty amazing). All I'm asking is to let me be the go-getter photographer that inspires people to save your picture on Pinterest & not the other way around. Let's jump in puddles, give eskimo kisses, hike to a view or simply take a stroll downtown. Whatever you envision, let's make it a reality.


Do you travel?

YES! A thousand times yes! I offer special deals on destination weddings, elopements & sessions. And if you're thinking anywhere near the Mediterrean Sea, there's no question if I'm coming with you.


How long is the turnaround on our pictures?

Depending on the wedding coverage provided, an average wedding day takes at least 1.5 months to edit & deliver. For portrait collections, turnaround time is roughly 15 days depending on the season.


How much does your average client spend on a wedding collection?

The average ABP client spends around $3,600.00. Even though I am able & like to photograph weddings by myself, I strongly encourage all clients to consider adding on a second photographer hired by ABP to their package to give them a second perspective of their wedding. See below for more information about a second photographer.


How many images will we receive?

Average wedding day with 1 photographer can result in around 500 images depending on the time frame. If interested in hiring 2 photographers through ABP, the image count will increase. Image count with portrait collections vary per session.


How do we receive the images?

Each wedding is placed on a custom USB drive and delivered via person or postal mail. Portrait sessions are downloadable via a link sent by email.


Can we print the images ourselves or post them on social media?

Yes, you are allowed to print as many images as you want & share them on any social media. However, this does not mean you may edit, add filters or enter the images for contests in any way without the photographer's permission.


I love your work, how do I book you?

That's fantastic! To book a portrait collection or wedding, please feel free to contact me via the contact form or via my cell phone to ensure we get you on the calendar! Dates fill up fast so it's better to have a tentative date and play it by ear than have nothing scheduled at all. If you are a bride (or researching photographers for one), I say we grab a cup of coffee or beverage of your choice in person to go over your thoughts as to wedding details, see if our personalities match well, save your date with a deposit, go over contracts and ultimately get to know each other.


Do you offer a second photographer & if so, who?

Yes, I absolutely LOVE working with second photographers! I think it's a very wise investment to add a second photographer to all packages if interested. I have several trusted second photographers I work with for each and every wedding that is interested in hiring a second photographer through Anna Bowser Photography.