Hawaiian Memories: Day 1

It was in the late months of 2013 when I found out that my best friend was being stationed in Hawaii for 3 years to serve in the Navy. The news was shocking but I was so excited for her! She had everything going for her & she was moving to one of the most beautiful places in the world and....with connections like this, I couldn't pass up the chance the visit her! From the time I booked my flight, to the time I arrived, things in her world had changed. She had met the love of her life during training in Florida & he just so happened to get stationed in Hawaii too - soooo, you know what that means - yep, they got married & got a house! Fast forward to almost a year later (September 2014) when I packed my bags & hopped on a plane to spend two weeks in the Aloha State! 

Day 1  was pretty much shot due to all the traveling. The day had come and I was ready to go. I flew out of the Roanoke Regional Airport and credits to Delta for getting me window seats & at one point, a row to myself! Three connecting flights later, I was FINALLY in Honolulu, Hawaii. The sad part is I arrived in Honolulu after the sun had set so flying over an island at night was not the way I wanted to start my trip but, that's the only thing I can complain about so you won't hear another negative peep out of me. 

The next thing I know, our plane lands and taxi's us over to the other side of the airport. I realized though, from the moment I got off the plane, I was in paradise. The airport had no windows, completely open and so inviting to nature. It was night time but it was so warm and wonderful. After finding my way to baggage claim & getting all my stuff, Jordan comes out of nowhere with a real lei. A REAL LEI. It was perfect! I never knew they were real until she greeted me & it still blows my mind (it's the little things in life). After seeing Jordan, it was time to meet Zach & then head back to the house. Oh goodness.... I was nervous but man oh man is Zach the best. With Oahu being such a small island, it didn't take us long to get home, meet Kona (their pup) & unpacked. After spending a little bit of time together, it was time to settle down & get ready for the next day!

Stay tuned tomorrow night for Day 2 & LOTS more pictures!