Hawaiian Memories: Day 3

2 days down & the fun was just starting! Day 3 was one of my favorite days, as it was the first of few days we spent just lounging at the beach. I was so blessed to be able to visit a couple that were both military personnel so we had access to all the military bases - which meant - private access beaches! WOOHOO!

I started my day with another morning run, only this time I got to take Kona with me. I can't remember if this was the morning Jordan tagged along or not but nevertheless, I wasn't alone this time. After getting a good hour of exercise in, we all packed up and headed to Hickam Air Force Base & the most amazing part about it was that it is a dog-friendly beach, so Kona was coming along too! 

Not only was Hickam a gorgeous beach but the mangroves were heaven and changes in the tide were very prominent.When the tide was out, the water was around half-a-foot deep & when it came in, the water was anywhere from 1-3 feet deep (depending on where you stood) -- PERFECT for a dog to run & play in. I remember it being a Sunday so this was one of the last days Zach would be spending the entire day with us & not have to go to work. Jordan had been saving her leave time so that way when Starr & I came to visit, she would be able to spend as much time with us as possible. Day 3 was such a success that we literally spent all day at Hickam. Don't worry though, this isn't the last time we visited this fun filled beach. After hours of running, swimming, lounging and exploring, we called it a day and headed back to the house for a nice home-cooked meal & to make sure Zach got plenty of rest for the work week ahead of him.

I have to make a special shoutout to Zach & Jordan. We had so many home-cooked meals & it was such a blessing. They were both master chefs for us while we were there & I learned so much (not only about cooking but about marriage). From ahi to steak, Zach was a perfectionist with the grill & from mashed potatoes to baking, Jordan was a queen in the kitchen! They had food prepared for us, a guest bedroom with blow-up air mattress ready for us & researched all sorts of activities & such for us to do in the "short" time that we were there and did sooooo much more. Without them, I wouldn't have seen all the private access beaches, would've spent a fortune on hotel & food expenses and I wouldn't have experienced the same culture that they have been submersed in. Obviously I love them but I am so very proud of them for serving our country! A special thank you to both of you for all you have done & all you continue to do!