Black Dog Blog: Henry's First Beach Trip


An un-plugged weekend.

Before I go too far, I'm sending out a very loud "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to my brother Adam! The reason for our very short but so needed beach trip in March was to celebrate his birthday. Twenty-four years. Wow. He's truly someone to be proud of!

Along with this celebration was a first for our family. Henry's first beach trip. For those who follow this awesome pup, y'all know he is a true water dog. He'd rather be in the river than the kayak, lusts at the bathtub to get bathed & will pull anyone to a puddle just to step in it. The beach though, was something I wasn't sure he would grasp. The sand, the crashing of waves, the shells, the foam, etc. Well, it was a hit! Not to mention, we had pretty much the entire beach to ourselves so, he was free to do what he wanted with no restrictions or cautions. A weekend away from our "in the process" backyard was well worth the drive.

Friday, we headed down and he handled the car ride like a champ. The weather was sunny & chilly on Saturday but, this dog immediately knew where he was..... We started off waking up extremely too early (yes, the first 2 pictures were taken at 6:30a) before our morning walk and he was excite for something new. Needless to say, he enjoyed every minute of Saturday. So much that Sunday, we were recovering. From our morning walk, beach adventures and time change - Sunday was literally the day of rest. For our last day "off", we packed up early Monday morning and headed back home to Virginia. The news was calling for inclement weather so unfortunately, while we were rejuvenated, our short but sweet weekend was just that.
Short & sweet.


Happy Birthday Uncle Adam!