Bobby & Laura: A Long Distance Engagement | Roanoke Virginia Wedding Photographer

"Where you invest your love, you invest your life" -- Mumford & Sons

2012. The day I met Laura, I was photographing her father's wedding. I didn't know her, she didn't know me but, four years later, I am finally photographing Laura! When Laura first contacted me to photograph her engagement & 2017 wedding - I was so thrilled. She had met Bobby (who is amazing & hilarious by the way), she just knew he was the one. They are getting married at King Hill Vineyards in 2017 and communicating/commuting from two different states to make it happen. Yes, you heard me correctly - two different states. Laura is currently living in Florida for school & Bobby works in about LONG DISTANCE! 

For their engagement session though, they expressed they wanted to something different. Something adventurous & mountainous --- AHHHH! At this moment, I knew, THIS is my couple! With the weather leaning towards storms all week, we were a bit weary but, that didn't stop us. I convinced Bobby & Laura to stick with our session date & time and if the storms came, we would work with what we had. I mean, in all reality, we knew we couldn't reschedule because they've traveled so far so - it was going to happen rain or shine! 

The day of the session was finally here and storms were still dancing all around us. So I packed up my umbrella, plastic bags to cover my equipment with, my lights and light-stands and I was ready to rock & roll. What happened next was the best session I've had to date. The sunset was perfect, the water was calm & the love was genuine. While everything was working out to our advantage, the heat was hard to handle. One would think that you would just suck it up & sweat right? No. Bobby and Laura were so willing to go above and beyond that we decided, let's get it! "Be still my heart" is all I could tell myself. Bobby & Laura - it was a dream to have the opportunity to photograph you & I cannot wait to see you again soon. May these images bring you together when you are apart and remind you that your love is simply the best thing to invest in. Congratulations you two!