Chris & Kristi: A Raven's Roost Engagement | Raven's Roost | Virginia Wedding Photographer

"Never Have I Ever"

Never Have I Ever: Photographed in wind so powerful
Never Have I Ever: Had a couple climb in ballet flats
Never Have I Ever: Been so amazed after a shoot as much as I was this one

Cue, Chris and Kristi, the future Mr. & Mrs. Wolfe! Believe it or not, before their shoot, I had never met them. TALK ABOUT THEIR MODELING SKILLS! Kristi first contacted me right after New Years Eve and even through emails, I could tell I already loved her. Due to her and Chris living in Northern Virginia, we decided to FaceTime each other to go over all the details she had in mind for her wedding day. We clicked instantly...although FaceTime is literally the slowest thing on Earth. That's when she told me how her & Chris met, how they have the most precious daughter together and oh by the way, we're not engaged yet! Wait....what?

You read that correct and when she broke the news to me via FaceTime, I'm sure my eyes got a little wider than normal. But it was true and it was their story! Chris & Kristi knew they wanted to get married and they had looked at venues, photographers and such but, Chris hadn't popped the question quite yet. That didn't matter though. They were in love, they love their little family and they wanted to document things a little differently. So we set up an engagement shoot together up at Raven's Roost on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Mountains upon mountains, a beaming sunset and a halfway point between the two of us. But the worst was yet to come, so I imagined.... the wind. Kristi was eating her hair for 75% of their engagement shoot and at the end, I feared I didn't get any good photographs. Yes, the scenery was gorgeous and yes they were super patient but, the wind can make or break an image. When I got home and started culling through their images, I was baffled. I've photographed a lot of different scenarios in a lot of different places and this engagement shoot, by far, is one of my favorite accomplishments. Chris & Kristi, congratulations on your engagement. I'm so excited to photograph your journey towards marriage!

Raven's Roost Engagement Session