Personal Post: What to know when planning a Wedding (The Vendor's Perspective) Week 3 | Fresh Baked Bakery

Who likes cake? The better question is, who says no to cake... NO ONE! Week three of planning a wedding through a vendor's perspective is going to make your mouth water. Sarah Blanchard, of Fresh Baked Bakery, has come up with three easy steps to picking the wedding cake that you've dreamed of and will have your guests talking about it for years to come! 

Step 1: Choose a Design
A popular trend is to match the cake design to the weddings overall theme and color pallet. As the centerpiece of your reception, you will want it to reflect your style. Your wedding cake is a blank canvas for you and your partner to show your creativity and personalities, so spend some time looking online at websites such as Pinterest and in wedding magazines for inspiration. Your cake baker’s portfolio is also a great source of inspiration to visualize what designs they are capable of creating. Arrive at your consultation prepared with designs that you like, examples of your color pallet and cake topper ideas, these will help your baker understand your wedding vision. Knowing what you want is great, but also consider your designer’s suggestions. After all, making sure you end up with a beautiful and delicious confection is not only their job, but their goal as well.


Step 2: Plan ahead
Typically, six to eight months before the wedding is enough time to book your cake. You’ll want to leave yourself plenty of time to come up with a style and design, and to shop around for bakery options. If you’re having your wedding during the busy “wedding season” (May- October), give yourself a little extra time to find the right bakery because wedding cakes will be in high demand and dates can book quickly.

Step 3: Taste the Cake!!
Now comes the best part – cake tasting! You probably already have an idea of what the cake will look like on the outside, but it’s also important to know what it tastes like on the inside. Choose flavors that you and your partner love for both the cake and the icing. If you’re going to have multiple flavors, taste them all – don’t assume that chocolate cake will be good no matter what. You should always expect to be offered a cake tasting from a reputable bakery. Here at Fresh Baked our tasting includes 6 flavors of cake and 7 different fillings so you can be sure you are getting your favorites.

For more information, go visit Sarah or any of her awesome staff at Fresh Baked Bakery on Jefferson Street in Downtown Roanoke. They not only bake cakes, but offer an assortment of pies, cookies, macaroons and several other delicious treats to snack on during the day! If you're interested in more 2018 weddings, check out Sarah's blog post here:!