Jordon & Shellie: A Sharp Top Proposal | Peaks of Otter l Virginia Proposal Photographer

Eighty-nine degrees fahrenheit. Not a cloud in sight. Bears on the way up, deer on the way back. Strangers applauding.....and the best memory of the day is Shellie saying YES!

It all started out with a plan. Jordon had the ring, the date and the plan to propose at the Peaks of Otter, all he needed was someone to capture it. He had prepared this very special (and surprise) weekend for his girlfriend Shellie for a long time and the day was finally here. After touching base through countless texts for weeks, Jordon & I had a everything in place - and all we had to do was wait! It was a gorgeous day & while it was hot - its a day they will never forget. It's the day Jordon asked Shellie to be his wife. 

But before we get to the good stuff, let's talk about situational irony. Its really quite comical because before today, I had not met Jordon & Shellie - but he & I had been in touch frequently. All morning we were texting making sure the plans were still good & timing would be perfect. Well.....when I received a text that they had arrived to start the hike, I was there and immediately felt the need to hide & start taking pictures of them on their way up, even though NEITHER of them knew who I was yet. 

When it was time for them to reach the summit of Sharp Top, I was waiting & shaking with excitement. I could tell he was nervous and she had no idea what was about to take place. They wandered all over the summit, looking at what each view had to offer and to avoid looking like a photographer, some strangers (took me in as a friend) and pretended we were just chilling at the top. Finally, Jordan had picked a spot - he was ready but......his hand lingered in his pocket. He was nervous. I was nervous. Shellie had no idea. Until finally, with a 360-view of the Blue Ridge Mountains surrounding them, he dropped down on one knee & asked her to be his wife. All captured because Jordan knew it would never happen again.

Congratulations Jordon & Shellie!

The moments before are always the best, Shellie had no idea!

Seriously, THE MOMENTS BEFORE ARE THE BEST....clueless & preparing!

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