Bill & Davi: A Foggy Mountain Top Proposal | McAfee Knob | Virginia Proposal Photographer

Y'all, I honestly don't know how to put Bill & Davi's McAfee Knob proposal into words. Every time I try to write something, I end up erasing it because it's not good enough.

To start, I first heard from Bill like most of my proposal inquiries, through email. He & Davi live in Northern Virginia and were planning on traveling a couple of hours to hike the majestic McAfee Knob, while also spending the rest of their weekend in Roanoke, Virginia. Little did we know though... that the weather was not going to cooperate with us the day we had planned. Though the rain started to pour & the fog seized to lift, we started our separate treks up the mountain towards a cloudy, wet abyss. 

The entire way up, the fog would clear at times & then thicken again. I have to point out, having my brother come hike with me last minute was a great idea because it was like scene from a horror movie. The woods were gorgeous and green but, you add mud & fog into that beautiful picture and it paints a very scary situation. When we finally arrived to the top though, we were soaking wet, freezing cold and the knob was barely visible at times. The fog varied at times to where you could see it for a couple of seconds & then the next, it had disappeared into the mist. Needless to say, this was the first time I had ever been to the summit alone (except my brother) & absolutely no view!

Bill & Davi made it to the top shortly after we did and my mind started to panic. "I have a camera, they hiked in the rain to the most beautiful view (with NO view) & we are the only people on this rock! She's going to know!! How do I hide while also getting pictures through the ferociously thick fog?!" But Bill couldn't wait long enough for me to even hide... Within seconds of being up there, he popped the question! It was perfect & it was definitely worth it! I've once heard the quote, "it's not about the view but about the journey" and I have to agree. Bill & Davi, I hope that you have many more journeys like this to come!


Sam & Kasey: A Surprise Proposal | Wasena Park, Roanoke Virginia | Virginia Proposal Photographer

If there's anything that I love more than photographing couples, it's photographing them with their pups! Prior to Sam & Kasey's mini session, I had no idea who they were, how they met or what they looked like. Kasey had reached out to me in hopes for a mini session with their pups right before the holidays. Little did we know, Sam had another plan. 

If you can't tell, it was a chilly day. The clouds blanketed the sky like a down comforter which doesn't seem like a pretty day but for photographers, this is the weather we prefer for the colors to pop! Because the pups were so excited, we needed a little encouragement to make them pay attention so Kasey ran to the car to grab some peanut better. While standing beside Sam, I'm actively scouting for locations & I hear "Pssst. Pssst. Cough, cough.....I have a ring with me".


Yes, Sam's mother had a ring in her purse & they were ready for this moment! Sam was going to hold off until another day but, he could tell the pups were not cooperating & this was the perfect thing to cheer Kasey up. Therefore, we made a code phrase & when I said "last pose", this was Sam's cue. We started off on the bridge at Wasena Park to provide some rustic, textured shots with their pups while also grabbing a couple pictures of just the two of them. I tried to capture Kasey & Sam in their element before the surprise proposal. The situational irony was killing me but at the same time, oh so fun to play with! We finally decided that our mini session had come to a close but there was one more spot I really wanted to photograph before we truly called it a wrap. At Wasena Park, there are these overgrown (non-serviced) railroad tracks that are simply magical for photographs and what better place to be proposed to than this? "Okay Sam, last pose".......and down on one knee he went! The screaming, the laughter & the smiles to follow were just some of the perks of photographing proposals but the way they looked at each other after this moment is the best reason of all. No longer in a relationship but, in a commitment for life. Congratulations Sam & Kasey - may every event in your lives be just a entertaining as this one.