Day 7: Dominican Republic Mission Trip - A Personal Post

There are not enough words to describe what I've experienced or felt this past week.

Coming to the Dominican has changed my life & I could talk myself blue in the face but, one must experience this trip for themselves before they know what I'm feeling. I want to pack all these children up in my suitcase and bring them home. I want to sponsor them all to go to school, not only the preschool.....but to follow them to public school as well. To come see their lives makes me realize how blessed & how spoiled I am. 

For those who are interested, we fundraise money to pay for the school expenses and to send some children to school. It costs $300.00 to sponsor a child. With all the money we fundraiser & get from individuals willing to make a difference in these children's lives, Pastor Ernan makes sure the funds cover construction (painting, remodeling, building), teaching materials, teacher's salaries, sending the children to the doctor when needed (because their parents may not be able to cover those expenses), etc. That's it....$300.00 to sponsor a child for one school year.

Today was not just day 7. Today could be the last time I see these kids. Today we got to hear thanks from the parents, some who cannot afford to send their children to school. It was so touching. It was appreciated & it was emotional. A simple gift of a little girl's hair-bow holds significance to me now. But to you, it's only a hairbow..... Today, I had to let go of a hugging child who became my friend on Day 1. Dariana was my little apprentice. My little photographer - and I had to let her go.

Again, there are not enough words to describe what I've experienced for felt this past week. I'm ready though. I'm ready to make a difference in my life back in the US, to ensure I get to see those smiling faces again. 

Anna BowserComment