Not just the Bride & Groom: Roanoke, Virginia Wedding Photographer

Wedding Day....

It is portrayed at the most important day of a bride & groom's life but, to the photographers, caterers, planners, calligraphers,'s just another day & another client. WRONG! Yes, weddings are a VERY important day but it's just as important to the creatives behind the scenes. When a man & a woman choose to join together as one to face the world and all the ups & downs that come with it, this day should be documented as the most important day of their life - as one. Weddings are thoroughly planned from detail to detail but somehow, not all things go the way as planned. This my friends, is when stress hits.

The flowers start to wilt, the dress gets a nick, the caterer runs out of food & time slips away. Whether you're a guest, the bride/groom or a vendor, by the end of the night, you're ready to kick off your shoes & creep other's instagrams to see their point of view on how the day went.

What about the vendors though? What are they thinking during the process? Where have their heads, hands & feet been both before and after the day is gone? Remember a couple sentences back when I said "weddings are thoroughly planned from detail to detail"? Yea, detail to detail, a wedding is created but by who? The bride? The family? The wedding planner? So....this got me thinking. I asked a few wedding professionals/friends for their thoughts in order to not only share with each other that "hey, we're not alone" but, to give a human perspective on what is portrayed as a fantasy built day.

Mandi Thommen: Photographer of Chesapeake Charm Photography

My fear: Card corruption or mechanical mishaps beyond my control (Thank god for backup cameras and 2nd shooters).
My joy: Being trusted to capture one of the most anticipated & emotional days of my clients' lives and being able to provide beautiful memories for them & their loved ones to look back on for years to come.
My strength: The relationship I build with my clients allows them and myself to be more comfortable and calm. This friendship inspires me and drives me to take the best photos I possibly can for them! 

Susie Marie: Photographer of Susie Marie Photography

My fear: Missing an important shot! (That is why I ALWAYS have a second shooter with me just in case!)
My joy: Sharing such a special day with the bride, groom and their families. There is not a wedding day where I do not cry tears of joy for the happy bride and groom!
My strength: Staying calm and organized throughout the day! I do this by planning ahead and being very prepared.






Marie Chang: Creator of Marie Chang Designs

My fear (which thankfully has never happened): Mailing the wrong order to a client).
My joy: Getting that email saying "you brought tears to my eyes when I opened my invitations".
My strength: I am very confident in the product that I sell & I stand by that.




Ashley Smith: Caterer of Ashley's Creative Catering

My fear: Running out of food at a wedding.
My joy: That look of pure happiness when the couples see their vision for their reception come to life for the first time.
My strength: I have the ability to put families at ease and make them fell comfortable on what is potentially a stressful day.

Fears, joys & strengths. Heads, hands & feet. 

One day holds so much importance to a wonderful couple but, it builds something so much more than one day can hold, it builds a future. A future to look back on and enjoy the sweet memories of their wedding day and all that were a part of it. The heads that came together to prepare this one special day for them, the hands that helped raised them & he feet that walked the path of life beside them.

In 2014, I decided to launch a new name for myself. With the help of family, friends, the Creative at Heart Conference & clients, I've now made that name a brand. It's was a path I hope my brides will be willing to follow along with and will want to become part of something more than just getting married and throwing a party over it. This brand is breaking boundaries and busting at the seams. With a new look & a new direction, my brides have more than just my attention (oh hey....that kind-of rhymed). More importantly though, I'm learning that I'm not alone. Yes, I know the bride & groom get nervous but so do we creatives behind the scenes. I have fears but, so does everyone else that works in this industry. What's even better though, is that we also share the same joys & bounce off of each other's strengths.

So whether you are a bride, a mom of a bride or a creative struggling to make sense of kind, be patient, be true and know that this one day is one step towards a lifetime for all of us.

Want to share your fears, joys & strengths? Comments and encouragement are welcome!

**Photographs of creatives provided by individuals Facebook**Photographs of Anna Bowser provided by Ashley Link of V.A. Photography**