Day Two: Dominican Republic Mission Trip - A Personal Post

While preparing to write this blog, I have found myself speechless. The emotions I felt, the views I saw, the sounds I heard & the weight of my heavy amount of words can describe what happened today.

The day started off as Easter morning in the Dominican & the sun was shining ever so brightly. We loaded up were on our way to Brisas, where we would spend the morning with 25ish children in a 500 sq ft room (at best). They knew we had arrived & they were ready. From singing "My God is Mighty to Save" to braiding hair, these children, men & women had been waiting for our group to visit again. I repeat....there are NO words. After Brisas, we traveled to Santa Domingo to grab a quick lunch and then headed to Los Rios, where we would spend the afternoon with Wildred's church & family. Let it be known, Los Rios is not like any place I've ever visited before. It reminded me a lot of the poverty I saw in St. Thomas but when my father is walking less than a foot in front of me & turns to make sure I'm RIGHT behind him, I knew I was needed to be cautious. We taught a little VBS, we sang, we colored, we loved on those little ones & then we ventured back to the hotel to gather our thoughts in order to start tomorrow's venture.

With me being a photographer, the natural way for me to describe what happened today is through pictures. Unfortunately I'm stuck, as I am unable to load any pictures from my camera OR any videos from my phone to the computers here tonight. Therefore, I leave you with only three unedited pictures tonight from my iPhone but, I will be trying to figure out how to share the pictures tomorrow. Until then....

Yes......that's my father preaching in a Dominican church **proud daughter moment**