Day 4: Dominican Republic Mission Trip - A Personal Post

During this time, we got to speak one on one with people & invite them to a service we had tonight. We did this for 2 hours. After arriving back at the church, we had a little bit of free time. Which was my favorite part of the day **side note, I don't do well with free time**. Before exploring the community, we saw a courtyard in the back, so we checked it out - and it was GORGEOUS! From coconut & mango trees to swing-sets and patios to lounge in, this was the most peaceful place I could imagine on earth. It was truly something to see in person! We hung out for a little bit out back and then I made my way inside, where I found the pastor's wife, Wendy, sitting alone. I could feel it, my confidence was building up & my comfort zone walls were breaking.

So I went to her.

She speaks no English & I speak little Spanish but, we were going to make it work! If people speak to me, I can piece words together to understand it but conversing back with them is another story. Having no translation experience, I tried my best before we had to grab her husband to help translate things for us. After Ramon came to help, we talked about everything. From the church, to their family to marriage.....Wendy & I bonded over what I thought was the biggest barrier imaginable. We knew what each other was saying before we had our translations.

Therefore, it can be done. Just as Jesus fed the 5,000 with 5 loaves of bread & 2 fish.....Jesus gave me the understand & the words to speak with Wendy, even though we don't speak the same language. So I ask those of you who are reading this, to take time to think about your comfort zone. What is your strength? What is your weakness? What scares you & what is something you want to accomplish? Comment below if you would like but this isn't for me, it's for you. My comfort zone was hiding behind leaning on a translator during our walk around the villages when really, I'm translating what the Pastor is saying to his people to my group. Pastor Ramon asked me if I spoke Spanish, I said very little & she shoved me in a convenient store to speak to people I don't know, in a language I speak VERY little of. And it was the best feeling ever. 

So take time to learn your comfort zone & think of what would break those walls down.

Day 4..... What a roller coaster

Hot, humid but oh so full of love & eagerness. We visited a community that we've never been to before with a pastor we've never met before but oh what a beautiful experience it was! Pastor Ramon & his wife started the first baptist church in their community and continue to grow. He explained that the people in his community are intrigued by the gospel but are not willing to make the commitments to the church (teaching, spreading the word, etc). So, we went around the villages & explored a bit.

Wendy, Pastor Ramon's wife