Day 5: Dominican Republic Mission Trip - A Personal Post

It was sunny & bright in the Dominican on Day 5!

With nothing but blue skies in the forecast, we made our way to a new area in Brisas, to visit a Haitian church. As we arrived, we were greeted by a little boy who spoke only Creole but, was intrigued and interested in playing with us. Luckily, we had a ball and even though we couldn't understand each other AT ALL, we became instant friends!

We then met some of the church members and began prayer walks around the community. We walked at least 3 miles all around the church & prayed at least 25 times (if not more). Come to find out, this was the first prayer walk this church had ever constructed. It was AMAZING! The way the Haitians prayed was so uplifting & could be heard for miles! While on our walk, my group ran into a Dominican couple who live in New Jersey....who just so happen to be a wedding photographer & wedding planner - you CANNOT tell me that's not a God thing! And their names were Ana & Jesus!

After we connected with Ana & Jesus, we finalized our walk and some went to the grocery store to buy food for the pastors & their families. THAT was an experience in itself.... "Americanas", "Americanas". Seriously though, a group of 6 white people stand out in a grocery store where almost no one speaks English & I speak very little Spanish but, if someone talks to me slowly, I can understand it.

After grocery shopping, we headed back to the Haitian church to teach VBS, women's ministry & this time men's ministry (and we only had 1 interpreter - Vonni). Let me tell you...God is good! Day 5 was so amazing & such a blessing! As we gathered around for our devotion at the end of the night, I shared with the group how safe I felt just walking around the streets. At one point, I was walking by myself, something I was told not to do but, I felt protected & wanted. These people were so open to us & so kind! So very kind! Day 5 was just beyond words amazing! As you read these words & glance through the pictures below, notice if you can feel the security we had as we walked the streets & held those children extra tight. 

To the grocery store we go...