Albert & Casey: A Spring Engagement | Roanoke Virginia | Virginia Wedding Photography

First, I cannot say enough incredible things about Albert, Casey, Deni, Casey's mom or the weather for our engagement shoot we did last month. 

Casey & Albert first contacted me through The Knot but it wasn't until we met in person that I knew this couple would be one of my dream couples to photograph! Casey had a vision and while the weather tried to deter us, I think we fulfilled everything she had in mind. We started off in the woods, in front of the little white chapel and slowly made our way up to the breathtaking view of the Blue Ridge mountains. I say slowly because, I couldn't stop photographing them! The way they laughed, the way they took direction & the way they snuggled each other was everything I could have asked for! Deni (their pup) even had her 15 minutes of fame.... and boy was she excited about it! So much so that if you scroll down, you'll see she literally was jumping for joy! 

Throughout the entire shoot, I kept praying for the storms to go away. They circled us like hawks for an hour but when we made it to the top of the drive, I couldn't stop smiling. The clouds rolled in at the most perfect time, all the  colors just popped! If you know my style, the mountains are a staple when it comes to my photography. If I could have it my way, there would be mountains everywhere, in every shoot! But this, this was more than perfect, this was an answered prayer! We finished up finalizing our ring shots with Deni and through the A.D.D she experienced, we conquered! Albert & Casey, thank you so much for trusting me to walk alongside you during this journey towards marriage. I'm not one to wish time to fly but, 2018 cannot come sooner!

Oh my goodness Deni is amazing! She was so excited she was literally leaping for joy!


Mommy Wojtera, you are the ultimate MVP! Such a great Grand-dog-ma!

A Roanoke Virginia Engagement