Sam & Kasey: A Hollins Mill Park Engagement | Lynchburg Virginia | Lynchburg Virginia Wedding Photographer

When it rains, it pours. When it pours, it decides to pick the day we have an engagement session beside a beautiful waterfall...that's now brown! Humidity, mud & heat were key setbacks during Sam & Kasey's engagement session at Hollins Mill Park but, no matter the outcome we still enjoyed a brisk walk & a gorgeous view!

You might remember these two, as I was blessed to capture their proposal during a mini session with their pups this winter (check it out here)! What we thought was a small session with their pups ended up being a very very very unexpected screaming YES! To capture their engagement though, we decided to trek up to Lynchburg to capture the beauty of nature at Hollins Mill Park. Like I said though, when it pours. Sam & Kasey were so patient though, as none of us had been there before, we decided to just explore. Exploring a park is one thing but wandering around & walking up hills in HEELS, that's another! The view though, was incredible! Hidden up in the woods, was an old train tunnel. Like the greenway in Roanoke, Lynchburg had paved these old trails to make walkways for the park! Due to the weather, the trails weren't as crowded and we got a little bit of time to snuggle up & enjoy the view. Though the waterfall & tunnel were pretty and we had fun, we decided to reschedule for September. So keep your eyes peeled, this couple will be featured again this fall!