Brandon & Danielle: A Sunrise Beach Wedding Session | Delray Beach | West Palm Florida Wedding Photographer

It's #flashbackfriday & I cannot get over Brandon & Danielle's sunrise beach wedding session I was blessed to photograph back in April when I traveled to Florida!

With each day that comes, my bucket list grows and when the itch came to travel again, West Palm Beach was the destination of choice! As most of you know though, this girl can't travel without her camera and thankfully, Danielle & Brandon were looking to get some pics taken. Danielle & I first starting messaging about a week or two before I traveled down and we were set for our session. With most traveling situations though, plans always seem to change & you just have to roll with the punches. Fortunately, these two & their patience prevailed and we were still able to meet up and boy am I glad we were!

Having known each other since high school, these two love birds unfortunately had to go through life apart for some time before reconnecting years later. True love is meant to be though & when you experience this feeling, nothing can hold you back. Danielle picked up her & her daughter's lives to move to Florida, where they could finally start their journey together. However, when their plans for a beach wedding got stormed out, they had to go with plan B and get married inside. Luckily for me, with Danielle also being a photographer, she had a vision and trusted me to capture those memories they weren't able to make on their actual wedding day! We decided to meet at Delray Beach at sunrise, in hopes we would catch that rising glow. Mother nature had other plans though... not only did she provide the best glow for our session but her veil danced in the wind ever so perfectly. By the end of the session, I had convinced them to get in the water & I'm so glad they trusted me! I fell in love with the layers of these crystal blue waters like I do the ridges of the Blue Ridge Mountains.