Personal Post: What to know when planning a wedding (The Vendor's Perspective) Week 1 | Studio I Do

Date, budget, venue, dress, photographer, caterer, florist, DJ.... the list goes on and on, but where do you begin when it's time to plan a wedding?

Lots of thoughts go through a newly engaged couple's heads and believe it or not gentleman, the stereotype is almost completely true, your ladies have been dreaming of this day for most of their lives! When it finally comes time to put the ideas into motion though, where do you begin? Just like any other opinion based question, the answers vary. Some people suggest caterer, some suggest date and others just don't know but are excited to be involved in the planning process. You're engaged though and this is supposed to be a joyful ride not a stressful time! Therefore, I've asked several vendors I've worked with over the years to help give their opinions for the other side of the wedding world, the side where your dreams are our professions! Our first vendor is Studio I Do Bridals in Downtown Roanoke, Virginia. Meet your dream dress team of
Lindsay, Jordan & Taylor.


From Jordan Winfield with Studio I Do Bridals of Roanoke:

First comes “Yes” to your Forever then comes “Yes” to your Dress! That’s when your very own “Studio I Do Crew” does what they do Best!

At Studio I Do Bridals in Downtown Roanoke, you will find an experienced stylist there to help guide you through the entire styling process for your big day. Below you will find some tips on how and when to purchase your dream dress.

Before you book your first appointment, be emotionally and financially prepared to say “Yes” to your dress. You might be surprised how many times brides have fallen in love with the first gown they try on. In order to prepare yourself for that moment, we always recommend that brides start their wedding gown search 8-10 months prior to their wedding date, (4-6 months to receive your gown and 2 months for alterations). If you will be doing bridal portraits, it is best to purchase your gown 1 year prior to your date.

Prior to your big day of bridal shopping, we always suggest doing some research. Weather that may be pinning wedding gown styles to your Wedding Pinterest board or flipping through the pages of The Knot Magazine. While it is always good to have a source of inspiration, be sure to keep an open mind and trust your stylist to guide you in the right direction based on the stylists knowledge with our gowns and the inspiration you brought to the appointment.

When thinking of who you’d like to invite to your appointment, we always suggest for brides to invite those whose opinions matter most to you. We have all seen a “Say Yes to the Dress” episode, where Randy Fenoli had to step in to an appointment to make sure that the bride is listening to her heart and choosing the gown for her versus for the entourage that she brought with her. With that being said, we always suggest bringing no more than 4 guests with you to your appointment.


After you have your bubbly in hand and are celebrating finding the gown that you get to walk down the aisle in, use the relationship that you have with your stylist and their knowledge to help you complete your wedding entourage’s attire. Like your bridal gown, bridesmaids dresses require 3-4 months to order. For your groom and his gents, tuxedo/suit rentals should be finalized 4 months prior to your wedding date.

After your big day comes and the “I Do’s” have been exchanged, the next step would be to preserve your gown. The preserving of the gown is typically an after thought for most brides. Instead of hanging it in your closet, a great way to have it cleaned and restored to its original state would be to invest in a preservation kit. With purchasing these kits at Studio I Do, your stylist will be sure that your gown is delivered to the preservation company and delivered back to you within 6-8 weeks.

One last piece of advice that I can give, would be to wake up the day of your wedding and be sure to take a moment for you. Just to take it all in. Take in the fact that today will be the last day that you will refer to your groom as your “fiancé” and it will be the first day to your forever. Congrats love! Happy planning!