Personal Post: What to know when planning a Wedding (The Vendor's Perspective) Week 2 | RSP Entertainment

It's our second week into the vendor's perspective of planning a wedding blog series and this week, we're learning about DJ services. Believe it or not, they don't just play music and depending on who you hire, they can be the masters of the reception! I've been blessed to work with some amazing DJ's over the years and one that sticks out is RSP Entertainment. Made up of several DJ's of all ages & genders, RSP caters to every event you have planned!

From Roy Prusak with RSP Entertainment:
Hiring a wedding DJ today is not like it used to be and some of today's DJs do more than just spin tunes. DJs nowadays can help elevate your event to a full out celebration if desired, with a visual and sensory experience!  It's important to know what you and your fiance want out of a DJ. Whether you simply want them to be laid back and jukebox style with minimal presentation or, if you want them to be a professional MC directing your celebration into a party to remember (with DJ setup that's almost as pretty as your venue), each DJ is different!

It's great to have a budget in mind when shopping for a DJ, but do realize as with most things, you'll likely be getting what you pay for in the long run. Great DJs may cost more, but the polished presentation and experience is usually worth every last cent.  One comparison on hiring a DJ could be like renting a car on vacation.  Sure the Prius will get you there, but the experience of the convertible Lexus or Lambo would be a whole lot more exciting and one you'd be more likely to share :)


Roy keeping the party alive at Big Spring Farms


Russell making all sorts of friends at The Plantation at Sunnybrook


Madison during our Bingo wedding at Sinkland Farms


Truly consider the last time you went to a wedding. Although you may have been "wowed" by the floral or decor, fed some amazing food and saw some mighty fine photography or videography, think about what you remember most. If what you remember most is whether you had a good time or not, that's usually accredited to how well the entertainment handled the energy as the evening progressed.  Feel free to chat with DJs to find out why they're different, how they perform and what they offer.  Typically a short conversation will give you a feel if they are right for you.

Now don't get me wrong, it's not always about spending top dollar.  If you know you want a relaxed evening with a fairly set play list and just some key announcements, then that's a perfect time to hire an entry level DJ. They can cover the essentials, but not break the bank, as they'll still be leaps and bounds above a MP3 player and help take an unnecessary stressor off your hands.  Just be sure they're willing to play the styles of music you want to hear at your wedding and not just their favorite jams, ha ha. 


Matt & Devon DJ'ing it up at Braeloch on Glenburn Farms